The properties have been replaced by attractions which can be bought and then houses and hotels can be placed on them. Unfortunately, the four train stations have not been replaced by those of the Efteling Steam Train Company, but instead they have opted for the four places of accommodation.

So you can place a hotel on Droomvlucht and buy the Efteling Hotel. The lowest attraction, which is called the Dorpsstraat in the original Dutch version of Monopoly, is Polka Marina. The Kalverstraat is the fairytale forest here.

The money has the Efteling logo printed on and a silhouette of Ezeltje Strek Je. Start and the prison are unchanged and parking is different than in at Efteling, but as usual with Monopoly, still free.

The houses, hotels and tokens are not adapted to the Efteling theme, but are the usual plastic buildings and metal tokens.

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Year: 2018 - Code: Z00521040