Take your friends to the seaside and remember the beautiful Polish beaches and seaside towns! MONOPOLY Bałtyk is a special edition of the cult strategy game MONOPOLY. Instead of classic fields, get Chałupy, Władysławowo, Rewa or Mechelinki! Take part in a cod fishing expedition, put up a screen at sunrise, but remember not to enter beaches that are closed due to cyanobacteria. He goes to jail for that!

Are you dreaming of a holiday by the sea and there are six months left to your holiday? Or maybe all the hotels by the sea are already occupied for a long time? Place your headquarters in Chałupy on the MONOPOLY board. A board game with the motif of the Polish coast is a way to miss holiday longings and inspiration for further journeys. And if you are just going to the most beautiful region of Poland and wondering what to take to the sea - do not forget about MONOPOLY Bałtyk, which will save more than one rainy day!

Box Contents: Game board, 8 tokens, 28 Title Title cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Social Cash cards, Monopoly money, 32 Accommodation units, 12 Houses, 2 dice and the Instructions.

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Year: 2021 - Code: B68330340