Ritz-Carlton, Millenia

Relax in the comfort of your room or suite and enjoy a few rounds of the world’s most loved family board game, while learning about Singapore and the unique guest experiences available in our hotel.

In this exclusive Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore Monopoly game edition, strive to become a property tycoon by acquiring Singapore’s major museums, landmark attractions, as well as the hotel’s iconic art pieces, award-winning restaurants and rooms.

The board game contains three customised tokens including the iconic Ritz-Carlton lion and crown emblem, a suitcase and a Formula One racing car. This is in addition to three classic tokens – the battleship, wheelbarrow and boot. Acquire Singapore’s major museums, landmark attractions and the hotel’s iconic art pieces, restaurants and rooms. You can also buy up the National Gallery, Gardens by the Bay, the one Michelin star Summer Pavillion,”Cornucopia” by Frank Stella – a famed American sculptor and the Ritz Suite.

This version is only 15cm square.

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Year: 2018 - Code: 245362-0