(United States of America)

50th Anniversary

A Mercedes-AMG Enthusiast’s Dream!

Take a tour of nostalgia, unique design and reliable engineering that has been Mercedes-AMG time-tested mark. Own all the makes and models that made history, as you buy, sell and trade your favorite Mercedes-AMG vehicles!

Featuring the 2017 F1 W08 EQ Power+ as Boardwalk and the 1971 SEL AMG 6.8 "Rote Sau" as Park Place. Legendary Race Circuits take the place of railroads. A Car wash/detail and Tires will take the place of Utilities. Instead of paying Taxes, you will pay Insurance and Registration.

Take a Chance on Pit Road and find luck on Victory Lane, replacing Community Chest. Features 6 Custom Tokens:Wheel Rim, F1 Racecar, Driver Helmet, Gullwing, Crest and Engine

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Year: 2017 - Code: US-CART/201710/9513