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Classic Versions 2015 - New Tokens Added (UK)


Square Box Standard Edition

Ref: 0315 00009 348

Publisher: Hasbro Gaming

In 2015, Hasbro was still using the original front design from 2013, but then redesigned it with the cat being as prominant as the dog on the front and not the sticker.

Square Box Standard Edition

Mr. Monopoly token added.

2015 was the year that Monopoly was 80 years old and as well as the special 80th edition, Hasbro decided to add an extra special token to it's standard edition.

Other than that and a sticker on the front of the box, there was no other changes to this version.


Square Box Standard Edition

New Token Line-Up!

Ref: 0317 C1009 102

2016 comes and Hasbro changes the Monopoly logo again and away goes "Mr. Monopoly". Also, the general design is changed, but the look is still recognisable.

Also, Hasbro goes back to the internet for a vote to change a few tokens, not just one. It brings in three new tokens.

The car, ship, hat, dog and cat stays, but the iconic thimble, the wheelbarrow and the boot make way for a T-rex, a rubber ducky, and a penguin.

The box front has all the tokens on the front and a sticker with Mr. Monopoly saying:


Note: The copyright date on this edition is 2016, even though it was printed in March 2017 (comes from the ref code).


Square Box Standard Edition

Ref: 0918 C1009 102

Publisher: Hasbro Gaming

In 2018 the design of the box was changed again. On the front, the sticker "New Token Line-Up!" was removed and the back was totally re-designed.

At the time of writing (June 2021) this is the version that is still available.

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