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Special Editions - 2001 to 2002 (USA)


Car Tin

Code: #41503

The car tin was made to look like the race car token. Open it up and the bankers tray and Title Deed carousel looks like a dashboard. The black bound board lies underneath and has a blue-gray face. Wooden houses and Grand hotels come next along with seven antiqued tokens; race car, ship, shoe, thimble, horse and rider, top hat, Scottie dog, and iron.

Wooden Box

Dimensions of the box: 26.3 x 26.3 x 5.3 cm

Code: 40753

Hasbro succeeded once more to make a gain for a collector with this nice-edition-in-a-wooden-case. As well on the push out lid as on 1 of the surfaces of the twice folded game board and the midfield of the board is the engine of the 1957 edition.

When the game board has been taken out the the box a "banker's tray" remains with 6 holes to store the wooden houses and hotels, the property deeds and tokens, while notches in the partitions serve as holders for the remarkable small (43x96mm) banknotes. Because of their sepia background the property deeds (68 x 77mm) have a very refined look. The small (45 x 76 mm) Chance and Community Chest cards are nicely illustrated again.

The 6 antique brass tokens are; race car, train, shoe, Scottie dog, top hat, and thimble. The 2 small (6 x 6 x 6 mm) dice are ivory with black pips. The Rules are also "from the past", i.e. printed on a long narrow folded paper.


Michael Graves

Dimensions of the box: 27 x 27 x 11 cm

Code: 40889

It was in 2002 that the first Michael Graves designed version came out and was made exclusively for Target. This is a very heavy wooden version with a pull-out banker's drawer, unique new cast metal player tokens, newly designed hotels and houses in a Cherry-stained hardwood and veneer finish box.

It is a heavy and solid wooden box (with a coin with Grave's signature sticked at the bottom) with turn over game board and a small pull-out "banker's tray". It is solidly packed in a non-Monopoly-like blue cardboard box. In the tray is a square rubber piece with 6 preshaped holes for the silvery Michael Graves designed tokens: teacup - teapot - clock - mixer - telephone and a toaster.

The small (54x60 mm) property deeds have an illustration of the special houses on their back side. The Chance- and Community Chest cards are even smaller (37x62 mm) than those of the Nostalgia edition. The remarkable small and long (43x96mm) banknotes can be placed in the slots of the partitions. There are 2 little dark blue pouches supplied to store the very special Michael Graves design houses and "hotels" in. The 2 dice (10x10x10 mm) are ivory with black pips. The Rules are in a simple, not illustrated booklet.

Michael Graves is an internationally renowened professor of architecture at Princeton University and president of the successful architectural firm that bears his name. A different circle of fans celebrates his collection of aesthetically pleasing household objects and games, many of them designed especially for Target Corporation, a chain of discount stores.

One of his designs is the housing of the Dutch Department of Health and Human Services in The Hague, Netherlands. This building height of 104m with its steep roofs and is popularly called "The two tits". The picture shows why the hotels in Michael Grave's Monopoly are tall, red stoned buildings with small windows and steep roofs.

1935 First Deluxe Edition (Replica) Item #1009 "Trade Mark"

Winning Moves has released eight different versions of a 1935 reproduction set (four boxed sets, one in a tin made for Kohl's, a wooden set made for Restoration Hardware (another version of the wooden box is available through winning Moves), and one actually produced by Hasbro for Sam's Club).

These sets are complete with boards with no prices (a rate card is included to aide with property prices). They also include reproductions of the "pencil sketch" Chance and Community Chest cards (including a "Go Back To Baltic Avenue" Community Chest card that probably never saw production originally). These are nice sets and a must have for any Monopoly collection.

Publisher: Hasbro/Winning Moves Games - 2002

Dimensions of the box: 25.7 x 51.1 cm

This edition is a re-issue of the "white boxes" as Parker Brothers published them the first time in the fall of 1934. Parker Brothers adopted this version for their Number 9.

The enclosed booklet Memories gives a good impression of life in the mids 1930's as well as of the first (American) Monopoly editions. Page 6 of this booklet shows a good picture of this set as it originally was published by Charles Darrow himself, i.e. with larger colored property deeds and more simple banknotes only showing a number in a small field.

Characteristic of these early editions are the spaces of the the game board not showing a price. The innerbox is half filled by a green cardboard and for the other half by a long plastic "banker's tray" with 7 slots for the banknotes.

The small Chance and Community Chest cards are illustrated with pictures of the early period like they were never used since.

The 10 metal tokens are: rocking horse, iron, shoe, thimble, cannon with high wheels, racing car, waterclock, purse, hat and boat. The houses and hotels have overhanging roofs without chimneys and are made of dull wood. The dice are of white plastic and so have black pips.

Code: # 1071

One of the eight versions came in a metal tin which was made exclusively for Kohl's.

1935-First Deluxe Edition (Replica), Item #1009

Publisher: Hasbro / Winning Moves Games / Restoration Hardware - 2002

Dimensions of the box: 25.7 x 51.1 cm

In the numbered edition of but 60 sets some additional attention has been paid for the original Darrow design. The bottom side of the box and black back of the game board of these sets have a sticker saying:

"This game is (in this case:) #38 out of 60 Limited Editions. It contains a "For a Good Girl" pewter thimble plus $50 and $100 bills in original colors."

The banknotes not have been accurately copied for this replica version of the original issue and even only an additional set of banknotes of $50 and $100 in the original color were added in these 60 special boxes. Maybe this was done on purpose to prevent these new bills to be used in old editions?!

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