When Lech decided to establish Poznań, he could not foresee how the fortunes of the town would be going. Meanwhile, the castle grew, grew and grew until it became a real city proudly taking out the façade of the Town Hall and the goats running around the tower. With a very cultural Castle, modestly looking at the center of Ostrów Tumski and the sweet St. Martin's croissants on every corner. He would look at green squares, colorful tenement houses. He would find his favorite place in the stadium and he would probably think, "It's all mine."

You can now do this. Do not wait, roll your ankle, make a move, make a transaction and make a fortune in the latest - Poznań edition of the classic MONOPOLY game! Monopoly Poznań Monopoly Poznań is a game designed for everyone who loves to play board games with family or in the company of friends.

In this edition of Monopoly you will move to Poznań. Buy the best Poznan objects, hotels and service providers. Invest in apartments and apartment houses, collect rent from your real estate. Exchange with other players and wait for more opportunities at auctions.

There are many ways to get the best places on the board. Invest with your head, take a hard negotiator - there is only one winner. Find your own way to get a fortune!

Not are only places associated with Poznań, but also local symbols and dialect. In Poznan Monopoly you can buy the ICHOT Poznań Gate, Stary Browar or the City Hall. The residents of Poznań also decided that the biggest fees for parking and the most expensive real estate prices await those who will or will want to build in the Town Hall field.

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