Circuit Paul Ricard

Limited to 800 copies!

Be the first to buy the headlights stages of Paul Ricard (curves, chicanes, etc.) as soon as you can. Build houses and hotels and collect rents up during the game. Win your opponents at auctions, negotiate with them the properties you wish to acquire.

In a word, take risks, be as smart and gagnzez the game! And for even faster parts: play dice with the new faster you move on the board, you will become the richest in record time!

The Paul Ricard Circuit is the heart of the "Destination Castellet", a unique site dedicated to recreation and tourism in the south of France, in the heart of Provence, between sea and editing. The infrastructure of the Circuit Paul Ricard, technological innovation, design and architecture today make this place a feeling of space for communication, event operations and leisure around the automobile in general.

A nearby Circuit Paul Ricard are varied infrastructure: an international airport business, a retail park of 3 to 5 star restaurants with different atmospheres and flavors, and opportunities for leisure and recreation that meet all expectations and you can acquire in this new version of Monopoly!

Content: 1 game board, 6 collectible tokens, 28 property titles, 16 lucky cards, 16 community cash cards, 1 banknotes package for Monopoly, 32 white houses, 12 black hotels, 2 dice and 1 fast dice, 1 set Game.

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Year: 2015 - Code: B89101010 / ref:0179