Scott The Woz
(United States of America)

Only 5000 made

Hey all, Scott here! Evade taxes like never before with the Scott The Woz edition of the classic board game MONOPOLY!

Buy, sell and trade iconic locations from the series such as The Shaft Family Estate, The Litigation Station, and Stale Pretzels while using custom tokens of items on Scott’s desk!

Included: 1 Game Board; 6 Collectible Tokens: "The Internet and You" Tape, '08 Stack, Old Phone, Nostalgia Goggles, Party Hat, Tambourine; Houses and Hotels renamed Shelves and Desks; 16 Community Chest Cards renamed Kay Swiss' Bank Cards; 16 Chance Cards renamed The Topic Wheel Cards; Custom themed money renamed as "V-Cards"; 2 Dice and The Rules.

© USAopoly

Year: 2021 - Code: 051213/202111/6181