Urbanus has released its own Monopoly game board. It is an official Monopoly, which is produced in a limited edition in the same factory as the classic party game, but with drawings and names of streets, stations, utilities and texts on the opportunity and general fund cards about his career that the artist himself could invent.

In this Urbanus Monopoly the nicest jokes, the most iconic film scenes and the funniest songs from Urbanus' career are discussed. You can buy a house on the Hittentitsesteenweg, visit Maurice Potteke Pisplaats, stroll in the Slippery Iolensloot or get fined because you cleaned your pavement with mayonnaise. Unlike the comic strips drawn by Willy Van Linthout, Urbanus held onto the pencil itself when designing this party game.

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Year: 2019 - Code: Z03081040