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Here & Now: The World Edition / Monde (Canada - English / French)

Code: English 01612/00 / French 01671/092
© Hasbro, 2008

The world’s number one game has gone global!

Canada is represented on the board by Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

This world-class MONOPOLY gameboard has you traveling to cities across the globe you’ll cross six continents before you pass GO! Get ready to wheel and deal in the millions of dollars with your own MONOPOLY credit card and a digital banking device that keeps track of your balance. The world has voted, so find out which cities made the board and join in to the biggest MONOPOLY game yet!.

For more details and history of this version, then visit the Details page.

For the different available in the set and special ones, then visit the Tokens page.

    In his article "Hasbro Celebrates Adding Montreal, Vancouver, And Toronto To Latest Monopoly Board" Kris Abel, reporter of CTV.ca, says:
    "......Which city received the most votes online? Montreal and it has been given the coveted Park Place slot. To celebrate, Hasbro held launch events today in Vancouver, Montreal and here in Toronto where I attended the festivities at Ontario Place. They had a giant-sized version of the board on display, surrounded by small tents representing various cities from the board along with performers to match. There was a living statue at the Athens tent, dancers performing for Beijing, a mime to represent Paris, a yoga instructor for Vancouver, and the Queen herself to hold court at the London tent. Kids were treated to free board pieces and a chance to meet Mr. Monopoly himself."

Differences between the Canadian French & French French Monde editions.

Canada France
Ref. No: 01671/092 01612/101
Parker Brothers logo Blue Black
Circle on the lid Once Twice
The green space on top Little mapleleaf & C01671 Nothing
Text with the card reader  (on the lid) Avec guichet électronique Avec une banque électronique
Text in green space  (on the lid) Famille Jeux de réflexion
Text conc. batteries (on the lid) Piles requises Fonctionne avec des piles

Gdynia (Poland)

Taipei (Taiwan)

Tokyo (Japan)

Barcelona (Spain)

Athens (Greece)

Istanbul (Turkey)

Kyiv (Ukraine)

Toronto (Canada)

Rome (Italy)

Shanghai (China)

Vancouver (Canada)


Sydney (Australia)

New York (USA)

London (UK)

Beijing (China)

Hong Kong (China)

Jerusalem (Israel)

Paris (France)

Belgrade (Serbia)

Cape Town (South Africa)

Riga (Latvia)

Montreal (Canada)

Monopoly Rail

Monopoly Air

Monopoly Cruise

Monopoly Space

Solar Energy

Wind Energy


Income Tax

Super Tax


Community Chest

Get In Touch


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