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Special Versions 1957 - 1962 (UK)


White Long Box - Deluxe

Without Ref. Nr.

- Trade Mark 711981

Publisher: John Waddington Ltd.

Dimensions of the box:

51.5 x 27 x 6 cm

This set may well be one of the first long boxes in the UK after WW II. The addition "DeLuxe" indicates, as usual, a long box version opposed to the Mini boxes.

The innerbox of the set is not shown, only its gold paper covered Banker's tray with all attributes. This tray is centered in the long innterbox by 2 cardboard filling pieces. The game board is folded and shows its white back. It is placed in front of the white lid of the box.

The total weight of this very heavy box with its content is 2.685 kg, of which the board's weight is 510g (almost as heavy as the boards of the Standard and Super Gold Set of 1936).

Detail picture shows that also the cards of this edition have gold edges and there is a white token which is an airship.

It has been discovered that this white airship comes from a Waddington game called Astron which was produced in 1955. It may well have been placed in the Monopoly box by error or just to make up a larger tokens variety as Waddington seems fit.

Features of this edition are:

  • Monopoly is in open characters on top the "locomotives illustration" in the board game's centre.
  • The box, board and wallet containing the Rules are all covered in similar "leather look" paper. They each have the gold Monopoly sticker with "locomotives illustration".
  • The Rules sheet contains both the main and Short Rules on glossy superwhite paper, the Short Rules too having full Monopoly logo.
  • The Chance cards are yellow through, the Community Chest cards are pink through, both having rounded corners.
  • The banknotes are printed in black on colored paper, in the denominations of: 1 - 5 -10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500.
  • These white box editions used to have 7 tokens. They are flat metal figures on a foot. The figures are: airship (white)???? - bulldozer - tank - car - motorbike with rider - electric engine and galleon (gold, with open sails). Note: Other editions have the galleon with solid sails)
  • The houses and hotels are of white plastic with resp. a green and red overhanging roof and "Made in France" on the bottom.
  • The dice in this set are resp. blue and red with white pips.
  • The Deeds, Chance and Community Chest cards have gold edges.


Waddington Deluxe Edition

- Bronze Colour With Silvery Scales

Regd. Trade Mark

Publisher: John Waddington Ltd.

Dimensions of the box:

25.7 x 50.8 cm

This early long box edition with its unusual appearance clearly has the features of the "transition period", such as:

  • The green Waddingtons engine pointing backwards.
  • Double names on the property spaces, typical Waddingtons.
  • Only a very small black square on the Super Tax space, typical Waddington.
  • No "engine illustration" in the centre of the board.
  • The Parker Bros. copyright 1961 is mentioned underneath the word Monopoly in open characters.

The demand "Please enclose 3d. stamp" to get an answer on questions, at the end of the Rules, is another indication this issue to be of the early sixties.

The bronze and silvery lid shows a very special Waddington's sticker, showing on top of the logo of "Uncle Pennybags between the two engines and the £ sign" while the black field shows a game board.

On closer consideration this festive looking silvery, sparkling box with its 6 gold coloured and jewelled unique tokens (globe, typewriter, dial telephone, basket with flowers, horse-head and the (Parker Brothers') shoe) must have been issued on some very special occasion, perhaps the celabration of Waddington's 25th year of relationschip with Parker Brothers?

  • The innerbox contains 6 trays, one filling up piece with 6 holes for the tokens and a Banker's tray.
  • The Chance cards are light beige; the Community Chest cards light pink through.
  • The banknotes are printed black on coloured paper.
  • The plastic houses and hotels are hollow and have overhanging roofs.
  • There is 1 die in blue and 1 in red, both with white pips.

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