1985 to 1999 - End of the Rectangular Box (USA)


Dimensions of the box: 25.7 x 51 cm

1985 was Parker Brothers fiftieth anniversary with Monopoly and they showed it in a big way. First, the venerable #9 was redesigned, still showing the fourth side of the board, but the Monopoly was moved above it and Mr. Monopoly (Rich Uncle Pennybags at this time) was bursting out of the center "O" and the racecar was placed on Boardwalk on the cover.

1985 #9 Front
1985 #9 Back
1985 #9 Code

The bottom of the box shows a black and white picture of the gameboard with its accessories. Inside the box is a narrow white, plastic tray, while the other part contains a blue, carton insert with the well-knowned 13 FAQs. The back of the board is blue again.

The 8 tokens are of metal. The houses and hotels are still the same as those of the set with ref.no. 9 from 1961. The banknotes however now have the text "Monopoly - Copyright 1935 by Parker Brothers Inc.". Of course the Chance and Community Chest cards with their funny illustrations with Uncle Pennybags haven't been changed.

During the run of this version ownership of Parker Brothers changed several times. General Mills spun off Kenner and Parker Brothers as Kenner Parker Toys in 1986. In 1988 Tonka purchased Kenner Parker, and then sold out to Hasbro in 1991. I don’t have all of these variations, but I would guess that legal lines would have changed on the box after each acquisition.


In 1991, Hasbro took over Kenner who owned Parker Bros. By 1996 the box bottom had changed to a full colour picture of the game, the Parker Brothers logo was added to the bottom right of the cover (and had changed from black on white to white on blue), and Monopoly had become a brand. Shortly after this 1996 version was another which added "Includes Short Game Rules" to the upper left of the cover. This was the last "long" box for #9.

1996 #9 Front
1996 #9 Back


In 1998 the box was shortened and a little wider into the "new" European size box where the board became quad fold. The money bag token was added to the upper right of the cover and Family Game Night was added to the upper left.

1998 #9 Rich Uncle Pennybags
1998 #9 Rich Uncle Pennybags
1998 #9 Rich Uncle Pennybags


In 1999 Rich Uncle Pennybags was no more. He had an official name change to Mr. Monopoly. This name change is seen on the back of the #9. This was the only change on the #9 in 1999.

1999 #9 Front
1999 #9 Back
1999 #9 Inset