Monopoly, the world-famous game of land and real estate, takes you through the beautiful canton of Grisons with this issue. The canton of Grisons is the largest canton in Switzerland with an area of ​​7,106 km2. With 150 valleys, 615 lakes and 937 mountain peaks, Grisons is a true paradise for hikers and winter sports enthusiasts. But just go on a journey of discovery yourself with the Monopoly edition of the canton of Graubünden.

The idea for the implementation of its own Monopoly for the canton of Grisons came from Graubünden holidays and the Liechtenstein gaming agency Unique Gaming Partners AG (UGP).

The classic Monopoly with constructions and other elements from Graubünden (Grisons), a canton in Switzerland.

This is a bilingual edition, German & "Grisons" (Rumantsch Grischun) which is a regional language.

© Unique Gaming Partners AG

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