Unicorns Vs LLamas

In this awesome animal Monopoly game, unicorns and llamas faceoff to see which adorable beast is best.

This Monopoly board game for kids ages 8 and up is designed to be played in teams; Choose to play on team unicorn or team Llama; Mark territories with rainbow or candy cardboard title markers.

Instead of buying properties like in the classic Monopoly board game, in the Monopoly Unicorn vs. Llamas game teams claim titles for their fuzzy friends such as most huggable or cutest babies.

Players move ahead in the board game with hilarious Llama and unicorn chance cards featuring phrases that remind players why they love these creatures so much.

Fun board game for ages 8 and up: The Monopoly unicorns vs. Llamas game plays up the rivalry of these adorable creatures; players can have a blast trying to prove that their furry friends are the best.

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Year: 2019 - Code: E8760