The idea for the Ringhotel Monopoly was born in the spring of 2010 as part of the Ringhotel Schmiede, a junior management circle of young Ringhoteliers. 19 ring hotels and restaurants can be purchased during the game. Those who, despite payment of cancellation fees, prison stay and travel cancellation insurance, have secured the largest fortune, are proud Ringhotels Monopoly winners.

Instead of Badstraße, Hauptbahnhof, Schlossallee and Co., players act with different 19 Ringhotel villages.

However, instead of buying the streets Ringhotels villages and build hotels or restaurants. Go to jail, who lets go of a bathrobe or plunders the minibar without paying. Costs arise for a star certification or the renovation of your own hotel - almost like in the right hotel everyday life and the spa treatment or a conference package still has to be paid. An incentive on the way to big money is offered by an early bird discount or a premium payment for regulars.

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Year: 2011 - Code: 380551000