Thuin, medieval city perched on a rocky outcrop.In the heart of the old center, small cobbled streets, postys and winding lanes plunge us into the corridors of time ...

From the south, the hanging gardens are declined towards the valley of the Biesmelle. To the north, the Sambre surprises with its verdant meanders, its manual locks, its merchant barges, its boatmen's quarter. You will always recognize Thuin by its Belfry because wherever you are in the city, it is there, it dominates, like a lighthouse ...

In addition to this are the Abbey of Aulne, Ragnies one of the "Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia", The Distillery at the Court Farm, the Château du Fosteau, the Moulin de Donstiennes, the Hameau d'Ossogne, the Maison de l'Imprimerie, the tramway museum, the RAVeL, the cherry ducasse and many more ... Without forgetting a tradition that is more than 360 years old: the St-Roch.

Every 3rd Sunday of May, Thuin lives to the sound of fifes and drums by his folklore typical of the between-Sambre-et-Meuse, more than 2500 walkers gather and parade through the city.

The game is based on the riches of the thudinien heritage will be accompanied by a booklet explaining all the places and symbols that are in the game.

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