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Become the richest scientist and explore the Mesozoic Era.

Giant giants who eat their fill of plants and who make their way through untouched nature, tyrannical representatives who are always on the hunt for their next prey and flying rulers of the air who circle above it all. The world of dinosaurs is as diverse as it is fascinating.

And that's exactly why it deserves its own Monopoly in the Dinosaur Edition. Embark on an exciting expedition with 2-6 players and slip into the role of a busy paleontologist. Fossils, skeletons, ages and theories are waiting to be explored by you.

Leave jeeps and tents on your journey, collect rent, do business with other scientists and explore excavation sites and laboratories. But stay alert - because only one can be the best. Who will make it.

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Year: 2020 - Code: Z05491720