Partizan Belgrade

FC Partizan Belgrade football club (ФК Партизан Београд / FK Partizan Beograd) is one of the biggest Serbian professional football clubs based in Belgrade. In its very successful history Partizan won a total of 46 official trophies from which, 27 national championships and 16 national cups. Since its establishment in 1945. FC Partizan Belgrade is a source for great talents of Yugoslav and Serbian football.

Since 1949, the JNA Stadium (Stadium of the Yugoslav People's Army, capacity 30.000 seats), is home of Partizan player’s. "Grobari" (the name for Partizan’s fans, which means “"Gravediggers") call‘s it "Fudbalski hram" ("The Temple of Football").

FK Partizan Belgrade’s fans are also called "Undertakers" – "Grobari". As they are mainly situated at the south stand of the Partizan stadium, they are also known as "Grobari Jug" ("The Undertakers South"). The fanbase of Partizan is worldwide, especially strong also in Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Macedonia. They are also veri popular amongst Greek football fans especialy in Solun (FK PAOK from Solun have close relations with FK Partizan).

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