For the very first time, you can become the rightful owner of Defqon.1’s Holy Grounds. As festival tycoon, it’s up to you to get rid of the competition by purchasing the most valuable Defqon.1 assets available.

The key to success is in your hand, from the toilets to The Endshow. Acquire the rights to POWER HOUR, invest in The Gathering, build tents and bungalows on The Wasted Lands and drain the bank accounts of your competitors during The Closing Ceremony.

Dream big but stay sharp because there can only be one winner. Victory forever! Will you become the new owner of Defqon.1 Weekend Festival? Gather your tribe and compete for your spot at the Holy Grounds.

Remember: no guts, no glory.

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Year: 2022 - Code: WM03348-EN1