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Self Made Versions (Australia)


Edition: (Post) War Australian self made London edition

Publisher: Unknown

Dimensions of the board: ± 53 x 53 cm

Unfortunately the maker of this handmade London edition is unknown so we have to find indications to estimate its age. These are:

The need to copy a standard game rather then to buy one is particularly in a period of scarcity like in W.W. II (1940-1945) or directly after it.
All stations on this aged game board are from L.N.E.R., which means the maker has copied a London board of before 1948, because that year the London North Eastern Railways (L.N.E.R.) were nationalised and from then on were called British Railways.
Scarcity of paint material (except for red!) may be concluded from the fact the enigines on the stations, the lamp and water tap are uncoloured, while all colorbars on both the board and property cards were cut out from coloured paper and glued on.

Because of all this I date this set to be made around 1945.

Tokens: Very special are the five tokens (of plastic or ivory?), because they must come from a bracelet. This betrays the maker knew the story of the so-called inventor Charles B.Darrow who would have used charms of his wife's bracelet. And he succeeded in finding three of them to correspond the usual tokens: dog, horse and elephant. The (red) cat and lion are different.
Game Board: The back of the solid game board is black, while the corner tips are provided with a red triangle piece of the same tape as used to make a whole of the two game board parts.
Rent on Piccadilly: It is £22 on the unimproved ground like the other yellow streets.
Community Chest / Chance: The Chance and Community Chest cards are hand written on grey-beige and purple card stock.
Money: The seven banknotes are made of colored card stock and the stamped denominations are 1 (white), 5 (blue), 10 (white), 20 (purple), 50 (green), 100 (orange) and 500 (red).
Houses / Hotels: The houses and hotels are made of wood.

Edition: Port Sorell - Tasmania

Publisher: Kade Hansson/p>

Dimensions of the board: 49 x 49.5 cm

Port Sorell, with a population of about 1500, is the oldest town on the north west coast of Tasmania, and is located just east from Devenport at the mouth of the Rubicon River. This town was named after Govenor Sorell.

Kade lived in that town at that time and still has his main office there. Of course he has choosen a number of well-known streets of the town, but since they are unknown to most of the readers I will not name them here. Instead of railway stations, which aren't in Port Sorell, he choose four locally well known shops! And the utilities are two service stations here.

Again because there is no jail the prisoners have to stay in the Police Station. Therefore "Go to Jail" became "Go To The Police".

The Chance and Community Chest cards are also adapted and read:

Advance to Darling Street (Illinois Ave in the Atlantic City Edition and Trafalgar Square in the London Edition).
Take a walk on the Boulevard. Advance token to Shearwater Boulevard (Boardwalk in the Atlantic City Edition and Mayfair in the London Edition).

These cards are on spaces close to the squares "Police Station" and "Go to the Police Station".

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