June 28, 1914, assassination of Archduke François-Ferdinand.

Europe is preparing to experience one of the greatest conflicts in the history of the 20th century. The First World War began and did not end until November 11, 1918.

With Monopoly 14-18, live to the rhythm of soldiers on the battlefield. Join the greatest officers, repair your tanks, send your pigeons on missions, receive mail from your war godmothers.... Set your mark and become a hero of the Great War!

Bilingual French / English Monopoly game, special Great War collector's edition.

Contents: 1 game board where the streets are replaced by the mythical places and battles of the First World War; 6 metal pawns (tanks, various equipment); 28 title deed cards (battles, villages, emblematic places); 16 "Poppy" cards & 16 "Blueberries" cards; Banknotes 14-18; 32 houses (barracks); 12 hotels (Headquarters); 2 dice and the rules.

This Monopoly 14-18 game is bilingual (French and English). Rules of this game are in French, English, German and Dutch.

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Year: 2020 - Code: Z04471010