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Mega Versions 2023 (Germany)



Code: WM03679-GER

Publisher: Winning Moves Germany

Luxury can be so beautiful when you can afford it! The new Monopoly offers luxury for everyone: the Mega Deluxe Edition from Winning Moves. Join the global real estate boom and buy the world's most expensive and luxurious streets. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is for sale, Via Monte Napoleone in Milan is being privatized, Düsseldorf's Königsallee is changing hands and a private jet is going under the hammer at a bargain price!

Monopoly: the Mega Deluxe Edition has a larger game board with 12 additional fields, including 8 additional streets (30 in total). Photos of the most famous streets in the world and well-known sights give the Mega Deluxe Monopoly an international flair. And of course the community and event cards have also been adapted to your jet set life: you pay 5,000 M for a cosmetic operation or 10,000 M for the elite boarding school. Shop the world's most luxurious streets.

MEGA BIG: 12 additional playing fields, 8 new roads and a gas works.

MEGA BUILDING BOOM: Skyscrapers and luxury malls for MEGA rents.

MEGA RICH: 250,000 M starting capital, including a 100,000 M banknote!

MEGA EDEL: Silver skyscrapers, golden hotels and luxury malls.

MEGA TEMPO: Speed ​​cube and shuttle ticket for rounds up to 90 minutes.

Game board size: 63x63cm.

Includes: 32 houses, 12 hotels and 8 skyscrapers.

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