Always wanted to have the Zeeland Bridge? It can really be in this Monopoly game of Zeeland!

Always want to have property in Goes? or a beautiful street in Middelburg? or rather a hotel in Domburg .... everything is possible with this Zeeland variant of Monopoly. Including course maps which includes the barrier.

Two souls in one breast; the mariculture and the country culture. The hard and the soft. The enterprising and calm. Proud, yet humble. Zeeland: tranquil villages and monumental cities but also dikes, dunes and boulevards. This Zeeland Monopoly game you'll find everything Zeeland so special.

This unique edition of Monopoly is a collectors item and indispensable for the real Zeeuw.

The game for people of Zeeland, Zeeland lovers and tourists (including German rules).

From each edition of Zeeland Monopoly sold, part of the profits was given to National Park Oosterschelde and Foundation Stavoord6. Deze foundation is committed to the realisation of a holiday home for people with a poor life expectancy.

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Year: 2014 - Code: B37981040