Manchester 1824
The University of Manchester
(United Kingdom)

Much of this version remains the same – including the miniaturized red and green plastic houses and the tiny silver dog, boot, top hat and boat. But the limited edition board has been filled with properties within the university’s estate including, Oxford Place and sites on Upper Brook Street and Wilmslow Road.

The university’s iconic Old Quadrangle has replaced the traditional Mayfair as the most expensive property on the board and the student halls of residence on Moseley Road in Fallowfield is the cheapest property. However university bosses insist the valuations are based simply on distance from the main university building rather than the perceived value of the properties.

Railway stations such as King’s Cross which would normally populate the board have been replaced with the university’s cultural assets. They include The Whitworth, John Rylands Library, Manchester Museum and the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre. The utilities – normally listed as the Electric Company and Water Works – have been swapped for the UoM sports venues the Aquatics Centre and the Armitage Sports Centre.

Just 2,000 of the limited edition University of Manchester branded games were made.

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