MONOPOLY and the Association of "The most beautiful villages in Italy" accompany you on a journey to discover the most hidden corners of the most beautiful country in the world.

In this version of MONOPOLY the images of the small "villages of Italy" replace the classic ones of the streets and squares. Renovate old houses, develop widespread hotels and win the game!

The Association of "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy" arose from the need to enhance the great heritage of history, art, culture, environment and traditions present in small Italian towns which are, for the most part, marginalized by the flows of visitors and tourists.

The main objective is that more and more people who return to live in small historic centers and visitors who are interested in getting to know them can find those atmospheres, smells and flavors that make "typicality" become a model of life that is worth the painful to "taste" with all the senses.

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