This is a new refreshed installment of the first Polish city version. Wander through Gdansk by visiting your favourite places, maybe you can become an owner of one of them? Buy well-known Gdańsk objects and earn money by charging rent from other players.

Visit the Maritime Museum, take your children to the Hevelianum Center, and after all relax at the seaside in Brzeźno or meet your friends in the Garrison. Go on a PKM trip or discover the charming nooks of Stara Oliwa or Lower Wrzeszcz. Go to the Shakespeare Theater, where something interesting is always happening.

You can already visit all these places on the Monopoly Gdańsk board. Buy real estate and earn money by charging rent from other players. Do not wait, roll your ankle, make a move, make a transaction and make a fortune in the latest edition of the classic Monopoly game in Gdańsk!

Monopoly Gdańsk is a game designed for everyone who loves to play board games with family or in the company of friends. In this edition you will move to Gdańsk. Buy the best Gdansk buildings, hotels and service providers. Invest in houses and hotels, collect rent from your property. Exchange with other players and wait for more opportunities at auctions. There are many ways to take the best places on the board. Invest with your head, be a hard negotiator - the winner is only one. Find your own way to get a fortune!

The rules of the game are the same as in the classic version of Monopoly. After unfolding the board and choosing one of 8 pieces, each player should be given the appropriate number of notes. The person who has the most points on the puzzle starts the game. During each turn, roll two dice, then move on the number of fields equal to the sum of discarded meshes. You will probably find one of the monuments, a sports center or institutions that you can buy as soon as they are available and you can afford them. When you hit the Chance or Social Fund - take one of the cards and follow the instructions given on it. Watch out for the properties of other players and try not to get into prison! Remember that your goal is not only to get rich at the expense of others, but also to bankrupt them.

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