Naruto Shippuden
(United States of America)

Sneak up on the win with a version of the classic board game inspired by one of the best-ranking animes of all time! Monopoly: Naruto Shippuden lets you recruit top ninjas and earn recognition by the Hokage as the jutsu master they’re looking for, and it’s available now!

Join the young and rambunctious ninja Naruto Uzumaki among 22 of your favorite characters from the long-running animated series as you buy, sell, and trade properties named after his fellow Shinobi fighters and mentors. Recruit friends such as lifelong companion Sasuke, strong and savage Sasuka, copy ninja Kakashi sensei and more to improve them with Ramen Bowls and Onigiri that will stack your wealth and beat out your opponents!

Sharing is caring, and this Care-a-Lot custom lives on in the traditional Community Chest and Chance cards. Now named Sharing and Caring cards, these acts of kindness will either assist you towards victory or deter you from your mission to spread love and joy across the board.

Six collectible tokens will take you through the journey including a Shuriken, Kakashi Anbu Mask, Gaara’s Sand Gourd, the Akasuki’s Cloud and more. Master battle techniques through the rigorous conditions of Training and Mission cards that offer players Community Chest-like liberties through Shadow Clone Jutsu and Chance circumstances such as traps and penalties for off-limits learning.

Recover from the ups and downs of these exercises by purchasing Akatsuki-named railroad spaces Pain, Deidara, Itachi and Kisame, and avoid the Utilities expenses of Kabuto and Obito. Satisfying your appetite will also cost you through Barbecue and Ichiraku Ramen taxes, so see through the need to fuel up as you strive to be the last ninja standing!

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Year: 2021 - Code: 161803/202102/3531