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007 Monopoly

27th August 2016
A new 007 version of Monopoly is being launched by Winning Moves Australia later this year.

See more here

Ritz Paris (France)

21st August 2016
Ritz Paris is a new limited custom version made for The Ritz in Paris.
It has a more luxurious look and feel to a normal edition

See more here
Ritz Paris

Butlins (U.K.)

21st August 2016
Butlins, a holiday company in the U.K. is 80- years old this year.
A new custom version of Monopoly has been made to celebrate it.

See more here

Caravan???? (Australia)

19th August 2016
Caravan Industry Association of Australia and Monopoly have joined forces to develop Australia’s first ever caravanning and camping themed Monopoly.
It is due to be released in November.

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World Record Attempt Filming

8th August 2016
Due to The Olympics, the official announcement on the BBC The One Show has been delayed.
Watch out for more news when it will be shown.

One Show

Less Gauff Edition

28th July 2016
Coming in December 2016 from Yoco Games is Les Gauff.
Pre-order here.

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Comprehensive Lists Started

22nd July 2016
WofM has always wanted to do a comprehensive list of Monopoly games, and today it has started.
If you have information and know of other editions, then email me here

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BridgeClimb Sydney (Australia)

1st July 2016
Now you can buy a Monopoly game once you have walked over a bridge.
BridgeClimb at Sydney Harbour Bridge has it's own version now.

See more here

Attack on Titan (USA & Canada)

15th June 2016
USAopoly have announced another new version.
Attack on Titan is another anime cartoon.

See more here
Attack on Titan

Pokemon Johto 2016 (USA)

30th May 2016
Another Pokemon edition is coming later this year!
Pokemon Johto is again made by USAopoly.

See it here
Pokemon Johto

Back To The Future (Worldwide)

30th May 2016
Winning Moves Germany have produced a square box version.
It comes with a free Blu-Ray of the Trilogy.

See it here
Germany Square

Super Mario Bros. (USA)

23rd May 2016
Due ut now, this version is made to look like the original 8-bit computer games of the time including the Monopoly logo.
It is made by USAopoly.

See it here


The comprehensive history of Monopoly (up until approx. 2012) by Albert Veldhuis is still available in its original state until it is totally integrated into World of Monopoly.

See it here
12th August 2016 - Ghostbusters.

Full information about the new Ghostbusters version is now available.
Please Note: Australian version not due until the end of September.
See more here.

22nd July 2016 - Comprehensive Lists.

WofM has always wanted to have a comprehensive list of Monopoly games available for everyone as there is not one around.
The first one is Custom versions.
The second is Educational versions.
The final one (so far) is Sports.
If you can add to thes lists, then please contact me with the information at

7th June 2016 - World's biggest Monopoly Collection!

At the end of July, Neil Scallan hopes to go into the Guinness Book of Records with the largest collection of Monopoly in the world with over 3000 editions whilst he moves his collection into safe storage.
Read more about his collection and a chance to win a board game here.

University of York 2008 H and N 2015 H and N
6th March 2016 - More Editions Expanded

University of York - 2015 (Education)
Here & Now - 2008 (Portugal Added)
Here & Now - 2015 (Portugal Added)

10th January 2016 - More Editions Uploaded

Hannover 96 - 2014 (Football)
Ostfriesland - 2015 (Germany)
Velen-Ramsdorf - 2015 (Germany)

Hannover 96 Ostfriesland Hannover 96
Tommy Bahama
4th January 2016 - Tommy Bahama 20th Anniversary

Released in 2013, this ornate custom version retailed at $200. Coming in a wooden box, this is a lot different to a normal version of monopoly.
See more about this version here now.

24th December 2015 - Rotterdam (Netherlands) Version 2015

I have managed to put up the latest version for Rotterdam on the website thanks to Rico in The Netherlands.
See more about this version here now.

20th December 2015 - Velen-Ramsdorf (Germany)

Velen-Ramsdorf, in Germany, has been added to the website.
This is one of many new versions of Monopoly of cities and regions in Germany.

7th December 2015 - Back To The Future - Now Available in the UK

Back To The Future Monopoly is now available in the UK. Available in various places including here.
The Winning Moves UK version is slightly different to the already released in the USA by USAopoly. One difference is that the UK one has Mr. Monopoly on the front. See more about this version here.

Cape Town
22nd November 2015 - Cape Town added.

Cape Town, the first regional edition for South Africa was launched this week and hs been added on here. See more here.

22nd November 2015 - Krakow added.

Krakow has been launched and has been added to the website. See more here.

Sonic Boom
22nd November 2015 - Sonic Boom added

Sonic Boom has been added to the website.
See more about it here.

11th November 2015 - Melbourne Monopoly.

Released by Winning Moves Australia, is Melbourne Monopoly. This is the latest city version from Winning Moves Australia.
See more here.

29th October 2015 - Moto GP!

MotoGP is the first version of Monopoly based on motorbike racing.
This will be available the first weekend of November at the Valencia Grand Prix in Spain.

Moto GP
28th October 2015 - Perth, Scotland. UK

Another version of Monopoly from a town/city called Perth, but this is from Scotland, not Australia.
Is this the first version of Monopoly which has the same name but from a different place?
You can see more about this version here.