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Asterix (France)

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For the 60th anniversary of Asterix, Lidl France stores exclusively sold a box of Monopoly, Asterix edition.

Move around on the board using your pawns bearing the effigy of the most famous characters from the Asterix and Obelix comics. Bring to life the highlights of your favorite tomes.

Build as many huts and inns as possible to win. The Magic Potion and Community Cauldron cards may help you reach your goal faster. But beware: other surprises may be in store for you.

L'auberge du Lac

La montagne

Le Dresseur d'Éléphants

La Palais de Rahàzade

Le Gange

Le Village de Pépé

Le Camps Tsigane

La Corrida



Le Discobole


Le Stade de Rugby

La Manche


Le Sphinx


Le Palais de Cléopâtre

Le Banquet



Le palais de César


Fromage fondu


Saumon Picte

Sanglier Roti

Compagnie de Transports Terrestres

Compagnie de Transports Maritimes


Taxe sur les souvenirs

Taxe sur la boisson

Chaudron de communauté

Potion magique

Upcoming editions

Here are known upcoming editions and approximate release dates.

Note: Release dates may change and/or editions may not be made.

Name Country Date
梅艷芳 Anita Mui HK Late 2023
Barbie USA Nov 2023
Beetlejuice AUS Late 2023
Boise USA Oct 2023
(The) Boys AUS Sept 2023
Bristol UK Nov 2023
Bundaberg AUS Aug 2023
Cairns AUS Late 2023
Caterpillar USA July 2023
Charleston USA Nov 2023
Chelm POL Late 2023
Christchurch NZ Late 2023
Cleveland USA Late 2023
Curb Your Enthusiasm USA June 2023
Dune USA Sept 2023
Ed Sheeran AUS/UK Late 2023
Europa Park DE Sept 2023
Forte dei Marmi IT 2024
Gaby's Dollhouse Junior AUS Sept 2023
WGorzow Wielkopolski POL Late 2023
(The) Hunter Valley AUS Sept 2023
Hungtington Beach USA Fall 2023
Iron Maiden AUS Late 2023
Jimi Hendrix AUS Sept 2023
Labyrinth AUS Aug 2023
Lancaster UK Oct 2023
Les Peres du Big Bang BEL Mar 2024
Lódz POL Late 2023
Loughborough UK Oct 2023
North Macedonia Late 2023
Nashville USA Oct 2023
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation USA July 2023
Newbury UK Late 2023
Olsztyn POL Late 2023
Oxford UK Late 2023
Park City USA Early 2024
Parks & Recreation USA July 2023
Penang MAY Oct 2023
Portland USA Nov 2023
Richmond USA Fall 2023
Royal Leamington Spa UK Late 2023
San Jose USA Late 2023
Santa Barbara USA Nov 2023
Squishmallows AUS Sept 2023
South Jersey Shore USA June 2023
Tulsa USA Nov 2023
Usedom DE Spring 2024
Wielkopolski POL Late 2023
(The) Witcher USA June 2023
Yellowstone AUS Oct 2023
Zabrze POL Autumn 2023

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