Rules 2000 to 2008 (USA)

2000. The rules are retyped again. The right margin is cleaned up and looks more professional. Other than this there appears to be no other changes except the legal lines at the end. These rules are still Rev 4. These rules appear to have been used through 2003.

2004. " AGES 8 to ADULT 2 to 8 Players" appears below the slogan on page one. The rules are again retyped but appear to be the same as the earlier set. Canadian consumer contacts are included on the last page, and there are changes to the logos there as well. These rules were used until 2007.

2007. Enter the speed die. "AGES 8 to ADULT" is replaced by "AGES 8+", the "EQUIPMENT" section is replaced by the contents listed under the age and player information. Next are the new speed die rules. After this the main rules remain largely unchanged. The classic short game rules have been removed. Images of Mr. Monopoly are now found throughout the rules.

2008. Monopoly is standardized throughout the world. Many changes are made including the rules. The rules are completely reworked in an effort to make them easier to understand. The effort was well worth it - these are the easiest to understand Monopoly rules I've seen. The rules haven't really been changed, just grouped together in a way that's easier to understand. The distribution of the money has been changed for the first time in over fifty years: two $500, 4 $100, 1 $50, 1 $20, 2 $10, 1 $5, and 5 $1 (I'm sure this was a paper saving change, but in the end it just creates more work for the banker).