Binche: Cité du Gille

To mark the fifteenth anniversary of Unesco, the City of Binche had the idea to publish a Monopoly to his colours. 1,500 copies of this version was made and was a great success.

We know Binchou's love for their City of the Gille so everything has been thought of in this special version to flatter the nice Chauvinism binchois. Players can buy emblematic places in their city, starting from the newly renovated Chapelle de Bettignies to the Hôtel de Ville, the most expensive acquisition.

Even the banknotes are in the colours of the folklore, taking again the characters of the carnival. Attention to detail, the famous chance cards and community box do not escape the binchoise sauce. Depending on the pickaxe, your fat Sunday costume will be offered, you will receive money to buy mimosa or a new Gille mask.

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Year: 2018 - Code: Ref.: 0272 / Z01381010