Katowice plays board games at night! Gain an advantage on the board by taking fields from iconic corners of Katowice. The new version of MONOPOLY will delight both natives. Residents of Katowice, as well as tourists in love with the city of industry, industrial monuments and amazing concerts.

The board includes the most important places related to the city - Spodek, Nikiszowiec, Dolina Trzech Stawów, Osiedle Gwiazd and Mariacka Street. Swimming pools in Brynów and Burowiec in Katowice, graduation towers in Zadole park, and even Primary School No. 13 in Bogucice will be available for purchase. There were also the largest companies, shopping centers, universities and places of culture.

The pawns are also dedicated to this particular edition. These are the architectural symbols of the city, such as the Star Spodek, a Bebok figurine, a frog from Stawowa Street, a heart with the Katowice logo, and even a Silesian dumpling.

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Year: 2021 - Code: B69770340