World's Most Luxurious Edition
(United Kingdom)

Fully customable

Priced at £700,000

Who better to make the worlds most luxurious monopoly set than Geoffrey Parker. Utilising the beautiful skins of Alligators from the USA, these Monopoly sets can be supplied in either standard UK streets or customised to showcase your life, achievements or favourite places.

The Worlds Most Luxurious Monopoly set lends itself to fabulous possibilities of personalisation; especially when our clients want only the best of materials to showcase their lifetime achievements or milestone occasions.

Your family games at Christmas won’t ever be the same again with this stunning alligator monopoly set. It is personal and as sparkly as you like.

Handmade to order, these exceptional Monopoly sets are hand bound in finest Alligator skins from the same tanners as Hermes. Contrasting Dauphin leather, hand-embossed is inlaid back into the board with either gold or silver foil to match the tokens.

This Monopoly set is supplied with an Alligator bank box, leather-bound dice cups with trips to prevent foul play, and precision dice complete the set.

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