Munsang College
(Hong Kong)

Only 1000 made.

Since its establishment in 1926, the alma mater has been committed to providing quality education services and nurturing talents for Hong Kong. I am grateful to many alumni who have remembered the school motto over the years, practiced the spirit of "all for me, and I am all for all", and became the pillars of society.

On the occasion of the ninety-fifth anniversary of the alma mater, the school sponsoring organization has specially obtained the authorization of the classic table game Monopoly to produce a set of Munsang Monopoly exclusively for Minsheng College.

This version of Monopoly not only provides opportunities for parent-child communication, but also trains students' logical thinking, financial management, decision-making ability, and the ability to get along with others. It also enhances students' understanding of the school and a sense of belonging.

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Year: 2021 - Code: WM01980-CHI