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Printing Errors and Mistakes (Worldwide)

Here are some of the mistakes made with Monopoly games from all over the world. I am sure there are a lot more out there.

± 1943 - United Kingdom (UK)

May 2012 Matt Robinson, UK pointed me out to this misprint of the £50 bank money of a UK "Mini-box edition with separate gameboard", where this money denomination ought to be in mauve/lilac rather than in green.

As Harold Lee, UK became aware of this Matt's contribution he wondered why he didn't mention the £20 note of that same edition as well. Because, as the picture alongside proves, the colors of the £20 and £50 notes, the paper quality and the printing in the banknote sets of all Waddingtons London editions frequently changed over the period ±1936 till ±1965.

It is likely that the Green £50 was printed a few years before the rest of the money. This is the because the Green £50 was printed on an older design with the Patent App. For. The rest of the money was printed on plates with Patent Nr. 453689. In order to use the £50 green and not waste them, Waddington's had to change the colour of the £20 note and used what would have been used on the £50 note.

± 1946 - Standard London Edition - Black Box - India (IN)

Harold Lee, UK owns various early Bombay manufactured Standard London editions, so those showing the illustration of "2 engines, 2 houses and the £ sign through the middle O" in the board's midfield.

To his surprise he discovered three remarkable print errors in his black box edition, he reported about as follows:

The board of this set has The Angel Islington coloured olive green instead of pale blue.

A misspelling was found in the Chance card that should read "Drunk in charge" Fine £20 and see what the printer has made of it!

And one of my most interesting finds is the printer did not know English places and have misspelt one of the stations: Fenchurch Station as French St. Station.

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