Drag over the Tiergarten Velen and back off on the Castle Square Weitramsdorf:

Discover with this Monopoly City Edition, the green city with its 1125-year history, its culture, the "fairytale castle of Münsterland", the medieval castle and the Living Museum, Velen with Olli and Ramsdorfer Plodden.

The small spa resort with its two districts invites you to enjoy nature and to experience history and culture - WITH THE bike or on foot. Whether on the 100-Castle-Route, the agri-cultura-adventure tour, the new Jacobs-pilgrim or strolling: For young and old there are in Velen and in Weitramsdorf much to discover and experience.

The Doskerkerls leave the past with its historical Treckernund threshers back to life. Plodden Liesken takes guests to places of interest. A falconer with his birds of prey are an insight into the "Art of the Kings". Festivals, concerts and numerous clubs offer plenty of variety.

Convince yourself of this city worth living in the countryside by investing in higher-yielding roads and businesses, build houses and hotels, attracting their fellow players and get on top of that rake in a fortune with a bit of luck.

Even your own street and your house can thereby become part of the game.

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Year: 2015 - Code: B86011000