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Printing Errors and Mistakes (Worldwide)

Here are some of the mistakes made with Monopoly games from all over the world. I am sure there are a lot more out there.

2005 - Germany - Heute, Ref. 00114/00402

This first edition (February 2005) of the German edition of the this worldwide edition was most probably achieved under pressure. For that reason it was forgotten to mention the number of pips thrown must be multiplied by 10,000 on both Utility cards.

In the second version of this edition, called Banking (June 2005) in Germany and a few other countries, came the use of credit cards and a card reader, this error was rectified (see the right card).

2005 - Hungary - Itt és Most! (Here and Now), Ref. Nr. 070500114 165

As the Ref. Nr. shows the Hungarian version of "Here and Now" was also launched mid 2005.

Striking to this game are the many question marks (?) in the text at the bottom of the box. They represent as many times an é, a character not very typical even for Hungarian with its many accents.(Click for a larger picture on adjacent one.)

2006 - United States of America - Heute, Ref. 00114/00402

It was Perla Calas from the USA who pointed me to this very special edition of hers saying "I have a Monopoly edition Here and Now, the US version 2006, where all the property cards are misprinted on the reverse."

All the property cards have the same error which is that they all have one property on the front and a completely different property on the back.

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