1946 (USA)

Two big changes were made after the war. The first was the return of the metal tokens.

The only problem Parker Brothers had was the supplier for the tokens (Dowst/Tootsietoy) was no longer making metal charms.

Parker bought the dies for the tokens and started producing them in-house. But it appears that all the original dies were not available and changes to the tokens were made.

The new 1946 tokens included:

  • Thimble (for a Good Girl)
  • Race Car with Driver
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Top Hat
  • Iron
  • Ship
  • Shoe
  • Scottie Dog
  • Long Cannon
  • Horse and Rider
  • Some #9 sets had an airplane instead of the shoe

1946 Metal Tokens

The other big change for 1946 was the board. This is when the treasure chest (COMMUNITY CHEST) and diamond ring (Luxury Tax) graphics were added. This marked the first change to the board since prices were added in 1935.

The product line remained the same with only the addition of a short lived all inclusive, large box, deluxe #8 in about 1949. This set was gone by 1951.

1946 New Board

1946-early 1949 sets had identical boxes to the 1941-45 run. All sets saw a legal line change in 1949. "Reg. U. S. Parent Office" was replaced by "Registered In U. S. Patent Office", The Black #6 also had " Set No. 6" added to the bottom left of the box top on some (I don't know when the change was made, but both sets appeared during this two year run).

In 1951 the #9 was released with "WITH REMOVABLE BANK TRAY" added to the lower left corner of thr box top. Only six examples of this game are known to exist. Cliff has found another, so the total is now 7.

#8 Single 2nd patent
#6 2nd Patent Chicago Black with Registered
#6 2nd Patent Chicago Black with Registered
#6 2nd Patent Chicago Blue with Registered

  • The boxes on the 1946-1949 sets are identical to the WW2 boxes.
  • The only differences are the board and the tokens.
  • In 1949 the legal line was changed on the box from "Reg. U. S. Patent Office" to "Registered in U. S. Patent Office".
  • The tokens included were: car with driver, shoe, top hat, thimble, long cannon, ship, and iron (for the sets with 7) the dog completed the #8 popular edition, and the horse and rider, and the wheelbarrow completed the deluxe #9 (some of the #9s dropped the shoe and added an airplane token).
  • Rent on Marvin Gardens changed from $22 to $24 in 1951.

1951 #9 With Removable Bank Tray Only 7 known to exist
#9 Single 2nd patent
Deluxe #8