Monopoly, the world-famous game about land and real estate, guides you through the two Rheinfelden on the High Rhine in this edition. There are close historical and cultural connections between the younger Rheinfelden (Baden) and Rheinfelden Switzerland with its old town flair.

Several Rhine bridges connect the two sister cities. The local recreation area of ​​Dinkelberg, with idyllic villages and a scenic landscape, adjoins the High Rhine Valley. The two Rheinfelden have a lot to offer: Europe's first large hydroelectric power station with innovative industrial and commercial development, a picturesque old town, a modern spa town with natural brine, an impressive beer brewing culture, a beautiful variety of Rhine experiences, diverse festivals and events and a natural togetherness across the border.

Go on a journey of discovery, cross the Rhine several times and the border between Germany and Switzerland, visit the sights, the old town and the city center with the pedestrian zone or explore the districts on the Dinkelberg. We wish you lots of fun in both Rheinfelden - and with the Monopoly Edition Rheinfelden.

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Year: 2018 - Code: Z01041000