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Special Editions - 1998 to 2000 (USA)



In 1998, the Deluxe version was re-released with a new copyright date of 1998.

The board became a quad fold, and the moneybag token was added bringing the total to twelve tokens.


Code: 40942-1

Launched in time for the Millennium in 1998, this edition was heavy and came in a metal tin and a translucent cover.

It comes in a Translucent Outer Box over an Embossed Collectors Tin with Holographic Gameboard, Title Deed Cards, Money & Banker's Tray, Translucent Multifaceted Dice, 8 Collectible Millennium Metal Tokens, Chance Cards, Community Chest Cards, Translucent Green Stackable Houses, Translucent Red Hotels and the Instructions.

The tokens are: The Computer, The Video Cell Phone (with picture of Mr. Monopoly), The In-Line Skate, The Globe, The Plane, The Futuristic Car, The futuristic bicycle with frictionless rim drive, Yellow Labrador Retriever.


Monopoly Mover

Code: #57681

2000 saw the beginning and end of hasbrocollectors.com. Two editions were released; the first being Monopoly Mover.

The Monopoly Mover was an 18 wheeler whose trailer converted into a monopoly board. The top and sides folded out to form a miniature board, but with the exception of the Title Deeds everything else was standard size. It included eleven standard tokens. Not a practical set to play on, but a nice conversation piece.

Library Edition

The other was the Collectors Edition #1 Library edition, and The Library Edition was a bookshelf edition bound in blue. It had a hex fold board with a parchment finish (along with all the cards), wooden houses and hotels, and eleven gold tone tokens including the moneybag.

Inflatable Edition

Code: Item # 27130

Also, in 2000, an enormous outside version was released. This was the inflatable version.

This version came with an inflatable board/table and all the pieces and came in a large box.

Deluxe Inflatable Edition

Code: Item # 27100

This inflatable version came with blow up seats.

There was also a "patch kit" incase you needed to mend the game. Also of note is that the first two properties are not brown or purple but pink. This will be due to the way it was printed.

Heirloom Edition (Reprise)

The Heirloom Edition made a come back in 2000. This game appears to be identical to the 1997 Toys 'R Us edition except for the addition of a 65th anniversary sticker to the shrink wrap. This seems to be unsold stock from 1997 and was sold through Sam's Club.

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