Ducasse De Mons

Capital cultural Wallonia and European Capital of Culture (2015), Mons is proud in this area of ​​an exceptional heritage whose flagship is the Ducasse (Doudou) dating back to the great plague of 1349.

It is, in At this time, the religious and civil authorities organized a procession in honor of Waudru, the patron saint of the city, to deliver the city from the terrible scourge. The plague having been eradicated, it was decided to pay homage to the saint every year. Since then, every Sunday in the Trinity, his relics make the tour of Mons on a "Card'Or" accompanied by dozens of historical groups and a cheering population.

After the procession, the fight says "Lumeçon" opposes Saint George to the Dragon. At the end of a game symbolizing the struggle between Good and Evil, Saint Georges finally manages to defeat the "Beast" (el Biète) whose horsehair is a lucky charm appreciated by the Montois and tens of thousands of visitors participating the Ducasse. Since 2005, a UNESCO decision has included the Doudou in the oral and intangible heritage of Humanity.

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