Luna Park Sydney 75th Anniversary Edition 2010

The Luna Park Sydney 75th Anniversary Limited Ediition Monopoly Board Game was made available exclusively to IBM employees with only 2,500 copies made.

"Just for Fun" has been Luna Park Sydney's catch-cry for 75 years so get ready to have some fun with this limited edition of Monopoly, the world's favourite board game. It's your chance to own the rides and venues of this iconic fun park in this classic game of wheeling and dealing.

The Luna Park Sydney 75th Anniversary Limited Edition is packed with rides, venues and heaps of fun to make this a must have for any board game enthusiast.

Make your way around the board and own The Wild Mouse, Dodgem Cars and the Ferris Wheel and control the venues that hold functions for corporate and private entertainment, that has made this amusement park the iconic place it is in Sydney. See if you can win the game by controlling all the rides and venues whilst making sure you're all having fun!!!

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Year: 2010 - Code: 000500 (Barcode)