Bruxelles / Brussels

"You enter the low emission zone with an old diesel car: pay 40 M for each house and 115 M for each hotel you own." No luck this time. Especially since your neighbour has just sold "waffles from Brussels to the Foire du Midi" and he received 200 M. The new edition of Monopoly has become localized even in his cards Chance and Community Fund. Available in two versions, one bilingual French-Dutch the other in English for the European community, the game intends to show all the facets of the capital.

From the rue des Bouchers to the royal palace, via Avenue Louise and the courthouse, the plateau goes around Brussels. The presence of two concert halls, Le Botanique and Ancienne Belgique, brings a touch of music. The Anderlecht stadium is also on the set thanks to the vote of 3,000 Brussels residents. The inhabitants of the capital have indeed had the opportunity to choose the monument they wanted to see the game integrated.

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