Fletcher Hotels

The Dutch hotel chain Fletcher Hotels continues to grow steadily. Last year several brand new hotels were opened yet and last December was still castle Moermond Renesse added to the chain. Fletcher Hotels has 61 hotels and all in the Netherlands, many hotels in the chain are located along the coast and in nature. Fletcher recently for the third time to 'popular chain of Netherlands' named after the other by Comparison. Its popularity is attributed to the popular sites and the very favorable price. The company has been named by Deloitte 'Best Managed Company' and has 2,400 employees.

The Monopoly Fletcher Hotels edition is limited to only 1000 copies and available exclusively through the website of the hotel chain.

Travel across the board for the most sought after Fletcher Hotels: all the hotel property, party venues and facilities such as Fletcher cycling. Invest in hotels, construction of additional rooms and let the rent, but roll in! Negotiate with other players and take your chance at auctions, there are plenty of ways to make the hotel you want. Hand Keep your wits about you, because there can only be one of the best. The rest is simply bankrupt. Negotiate your way to success, may soon all be all yours! This game guarantees a typically Dutch evening, (de) voltage and socializing. The same can also be found at our Fletcher Hotels!

Players Monopoly Fletcher Hotel-edition buy instead of streets Fletcher Hotels. They can join rooms or floors building. The general fund and chance cards in the board game have been attributed to hotel terms and the player is charged with money-Fletcher.

A limited edition which this time no streets and homes are bought or built hotels but are bought and Fletcher hotels rooms or floors built on. The player will not own the street but hotel owner. The likelihood and general fund cards are specifically attributed to a hotel owner and pay with cash Fletcher. Among the many hotels in the game are known as Erenstein Castle, Palace Stadhouderlijk court and the new futuristic blue Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam along the A2 motorway.

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