2000 to 2007 (USA)


2000 saw the moneybag removed from the upper right corner and a 65th anniversary logo added.

2000 #9 65th Anniversary


In 2001 the Moneybag was put back on the front of the box.



In 2004, #9 had a reprint.

2004 #9
2004 #9


In 2005 there was another change to #9. The graphics on the front of the box were changed for the first time in 20 years. Mr. Monopoly is seen running down the fourth side of the board (now from "GO" to "COMMUNITY CHEST"). There are buildings behind him, and the Monopoly logo is in a cloudy blue sky.

2005 #9


The next change was the addition of a speed die (licensed from Winning Moves Games) in 2007.

2007 #9