The Osse Monopolyspel is a one-off initiative by Tafelronde 73. The proceeds of the game are fully benefited by the Freedom Through Education (FTE) project. This foundation is an initiative of Round Table India, it exists since 1998 and builds schools in India to give underprivileged children a training. FTE wants to eradicate illiteracy.

For more than a year, the entrepreneurial collective Tafelronde 73 has been working on the Osse variant. In that period, the board changed completely a few times and at least 36 sponsors were attracted. For example, the local Rabobank logo will soon feature on the money notes. And we find stickers from school community Het Hooghuis on the houses of the game. Even the chance cards and general fund have an Oss' touch.

The Osse Monopoly is played with traditional pawns such as the iron, the car and the wheelbarrow.

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