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Advance to Marble Arch (UK)


Barcode: 700406

Dimensions of the box: 26 x 50.6 cm

Manufacturer: Parker Bros. / Kenner Parker

"Outwit Your Rivals in The World Of High Stakes And Hotel Empires"

This edition considerably differs from those of other European issues in that it doesn't bear the name of the most expensive street of the Monopoly game: Mayfair.

The idea however differs importantly from Monopoly: The board is oblong: 22.5 x 89 cm and contains 4 coloured groups of 5 spaces each, of which the maximum of 4 players have to collect the properties cards.

The 4 tokens are respectively a Pram, Roller skate, Sail boat and a Moped. There are 3 dice, one of them being white and provided with an F (Fortune), W (Wild) and one of the colours of each of the 4 spaces on the other 4 sides. Furthermore are 80 hotel units, 20 per color of the tokens.

Dependent on the number of players each player gets 14 to 20 hotels. He is to build these, subject to the number of pips thrown, on spaces at choice. The Fortune cards will help. The token is always put on the space relating to the total of the property cards the player possesses.

Players can no longer take part when they have no more hotels. Winner is of course the one who finally has most properties.

The cover shows a "years twenties&q like illustration of a lane with a London double-decked bus. The white bottom of the box shows the long game board in black and white.

Identical games are Advance to Boardwalk (USA), Bau auf der Schossallee (D), Parco della Vittoria (I), La Calle Mayor (E) and Ga verder naar Kalverstraat (NL).

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