The F.A. Premier League Edition 2000/2001
(United Kingdom)

Monopoly, the world's most popular board game, links up with one of football's most prestigious competitions - the F.A. Premier League! There's no end to the fun when you start buying and selling some of England's greatest clubs.

Special features include: Unique gameboard featuring the 2000-2001 F.A. Premier League teams, 8 specially-commissioned pewter tokens, including the prestigious F.A. Premiership Trophy, Home Game and Away Game cards to send you off or save you from an early bath, Terraces and Stadiums to increase the value of your teams Unique football dice.

This very special edition of Monopoly is sure to appeal to all enthusiasts of the world's greatest board game and to F.A. Premier League fans far and wide.

Game includes: Gameboard, 28 Property cards, Play money, Banker's tray, 2 Football dice, 8 pewter football-themed tokens, 16 Home Game cards, 16 Away Game cards, 32 Terraces, 12 Stadiums, instructions.

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Year: 2000 - Code: 0900 40811 102