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Special Editions - 2022 to Present Day (USA)



Code: 41730

Publisher: Winning Solutions

Truly unique Monopoly for game night or your collection! Feel the oceanic vibes and enjoy the luxurious faux-sharkskin textures! All the premium components you need to play are included. The stunning box is a perfect showpiece!

Luxurious faux-sharkskin textures make this Monopoly Del Mar Shagreen Edition an exotic addition to any décor. Shades of aquamarine, gold foil accents, and a pleasing colour scheme bring to mind oceanic vibes, and the stunning box is a perfect showpiece. It contains all the premium components you need for Monopoly.

Folding gameboard with foil stamping

Chance, Community Chest, and Title Deed cards with foil stamping

32 Resin houses

12 Resin hotels

Custom-designed Monopoly money

Bent-metal banker's tray

8 Die-cast tokens

2 dice


Faux-shagreen covered storage box with hinged lid


Code: 42120

Publisher: Winning Solutions

Monopoly night will never be the same! Features a gorgeous glass gameboard on a solid wood base.

Colourful custom components and a convenient storage box. Foil-stamped cards, wooden houses and hotels, and more!

You have a style all your own and so does this chic version of Monopoly: A little hip, a little retro, and all wow.

The gorgeous glass gameboard rests on a sleek, solid wood base, and with touches of gold everywhere, this game is too pretty to put away! Colourful custom components and a convenient storage box make this Monopoly Glass Prisma Edition unique and something you don't want to miss.

Tempered-glass gameboard with gold foil

Solid wood base with walnut stain

Foil-stamped Chance, Community Chest, and Title Deed cards

Solid wood houses and hotels

Custom Monopoly money

Custom-designed storage box with integrated banker's tray

8 Die-cast tokens

2 dice


Faux-shagreen covered storage box with hinged lid



Heirloom Edition

This edition was made especially for the HBO series, Succession.


Code: WS43702

Publisher: Winning Solutions

Fresh as a summer breeze, this Monopoly Bianco Edition features casually elegant design in white with accents of colourful patterns. Brightens any decor from beach house to town house, with a gold foil-stamped wood-framed game board, and a grasscloth-textured center rolling area.

Premium contents include vibrant, full-color Title Deeds, Chance and Community Chest cards, Monopoly money, and more. The die-cast tokens are gold-toned, the houses and hotels are solid wood in white and natural, and a convenient banker's tray completes the set.

This game is magnifico to play and display! The aesthetic is timeless, the memories are priceless.

The Monopoly Bianco Edition Game includes:

6x Die-cast metal tokens.

Wood houses and hotels.

Premium Chance, Community Chest, and Title Deed cards.

1x Pack of Monopoly money.

1x Banker's tray.

2x Dice.



Code: #6068016 / #20143879

Publisher: Spin Master Games

This is not a full version of Monopoly including less property cards and no Community Chest cards for starters.

Win Big and Play FAST in this GIANT edition of Monopoly. Race around the extra-large gameboard with huge movers and a giant die! Use Cghance Cards, buy up property and track money in Million Money Meters to see who can collect the most wealth.

With NEW speedy rules, you'll get the classic Monopoly experience in less than 30 minutes!

The Giant Edition Game includes:

1 Giant Gameboard.

4 Giant Tokens.

15 Chance Cards

32 Property Cards

4 Millionj Money Meter Cards.

4 Million Money Meter Dials.

4 Counter Clips (2 parts).

1 Giant Die.

1Instruction Sheet.

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